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Certified Makers may use this form to request a whole-room booking of The Hive for their group or organization to use.

Please note: The Certified Maker must bring their library card & photo ID for check-in with library staff. No one will be allowed into The Hive until the Certified Maker who booked The Hive arrives and checks in. Keep in mind that as the leader of the group, if you are late, your group will not be allowed in The Hive until you arrive.

The Hive has 10 chairs. The Hive has two counter height chairs as well in the small adjoining room.

Some of the responsibilities & rules of The Hive:

  • All guests (age 18+) must sign the library's Guest Waiver at check-in. The Guest Waiver will be provided by library staff.
  • Food is not permitted in The Hive. Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • Makers understand that library staff will not be available to assist with setting up machines, help with projects, or troubleshoot.
  • Makers understand that if they bring children to The Hive, they must supervise their children at all times.
  • Makers may not use The Hive for commercial business purposes, nor can Makers charge others to use or learn in the space.  
  • Report any injuries or accidents to library staff immediately. An accident report will be filled out. A first aid kit is available. 
  • When finished, Makers should clean their work area, taking care to return items to their original locations.
  • The Maker should report any issues they encountered in The Hive, especially any equipment that is damaged, inoperable, or not working properly.
  • The Maker may be held liable for costs related to the replacement of damaged or stolen equipment or tools as a result of use from the Maker and/or those in their care. This includes those in attendance during small group or organization bookings. 
  • The Maker must report anything unusual when they check out.


Please fill in all boxes completely. The red dots indicate required information.

Library staff will contact you to let you know if your reservation request is accepted.


Please enter the date you request. Note: The library requires requests be made at least 14 days in advance.  
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I have read all of the above and certify that I am a Certified Maker. I agree to the library's terms and conditions for using The Hive.  

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